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Mino Raiola on Zlatan move to Italy

In recent weeks there has been increasingly speculation in a return to the series A for PSG’s Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. When Mino Raiola on Thursday was interviewed by the newspaper La Repubblica he did not do much to reduce the speculation.
– In football anything is possible so I do not close any doors. You should never say never …
– He is happy in Paris and Paris SG are happy with him, so I see no reason for him to leave. But, on the other hand, Zlatan was satisfied and happy in Milan and then he moved to PSG, says Raiola.

About the clubs in Italy that may be relevant Mino Raiola says:
– There are two or three clubs who can sign him: Milan, Inter and Juventus. But then there are also clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea.
– Ibrahimovic has never hidden the fact that Italy is in his heart. It is his second home, says Raiola to La Repubblica.

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