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Zlatan in new Juventus rumors

Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to be of big interest to the Italian transfer market. Now also Juventus president Beppe Marotta risks to get rid of his job – and Pavel Nedved can take his place.
In this case Zlatan Ibrahimovic can be the former star midfielder’s first transfer target.
– Who would not want Ibra? I hope to see him return, Nedved said Sunday night in Italian television.

A statement that made headlines, quite consciously, as a strategy, and part of the game behind the white-black scenes. For although Juventus lead outwardly said that it will not solicit Zlatan this is most likely not the last word.

Both coach Antonio Conte and Pavel Nedved would still have Zlatan. Nedved, who sits in the Juventus board, have close contact with agent Mino Raiola.
– Ibra just recently said that he does not know if he’s still there. And Ancelotti is likely to be ready anytime for Real, says a source in Turin and continues:
– Why Nedved not given up hope. Both he and Conte sees Ibrahimovic as the perfect winning type, the one that is needed to

zlatan career information

zlatan career informationjuv

win the Champions League. Negotiations are under way in silence.

Juvents CEO Beppe Marotta has always slowed down and suggested that Zlatan is too expensive and president Andrea Agnelli has been of the same opinion. But according to consistent information from several sources is a growing dissatisfaction with Beppe Marotta. So far he has not rowed ashore the signings spoken of, as Jovetic, Tevez and Higuain. Now there is growing pressure on Marotta. In addition, he squeezed by the fact that several players like Andrea Pirlo, please see Zlatan return.

Now Juventus management have set an ultimatum. By the end of June, at least one, preferably several, big signings to be in port. Otherwise Marotta will loose his job. His contract will be renewed at the end and Andrea Agnelli is said to be about to turn in their perception of Marottas skills.
– Juve are heading towards a new management team, many want to see Nedved on Marottas place. Though many fans who want to see the symbol of Juve, who Nedved, take over. And in that case, Ibrahimovic first enlistment, according to one contact, but adds:
– Marotta has little time. But behind the scenes it’s all-out war. And Conte wants the team ready early, so we can train together players. The pressure is increasing on Marotta for every day, it opens for Zlatan.

Coach Conte is now away on honeymoon but have left a wish list and clear to the Juve management. Alongside this, Mino Raiola touch even with Napoli, where Edison Cavanis father Luis Cavani other day got out and said:
– My son wants to Real Madrid.

Zlatan mentioned that dream replacements for Cavani.
Agent Raiola and Napoli sporting director Riccardo Bigon reportedly had dinner recently. Zlatan’s teammate at PSG, Matuidi, should have been the main course in the transfer menu. But Ibra and a possible future at the San Paolo is reported to have been discussed. The Italian tug of war about Zlatan thus continuing training and match Napoli PSG July 30 in Naples could be very interesting for several reasons.

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Odds indicate that Zlatan will stay in PSG

The odds indicate that Zlatan will stay in PSG. If Ibrahimovic would leave it would most likely become Italy that Zlatan moves to. At least this according to odds at one of the major bookmakers on the Internet.
– But in the current situation, there is not much to be said for a move, says Urban Aheinen from the gaming company Nordicbet.

Summer and the silly season. And as always Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in focus. After a successful first season in Paris Saint Germain, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic won both the top scorer and the league title, so now the odds point on that Paris Saint-Germain’s biggest star will be there again next season.

zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan Ibrahimovic

Low 1.35 in odds at the betting company Nordicbet indicate that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will remain in the French capital in the next season.
– Zlatan thrives in Paris. PSG went far in the Champions League and showed that they can participate and challenge the best. Continuing efforts in Paris, we believe that Zlatan is keen to remain a part of the project and the team really needs Zlatan Ibrahimovic says Urban Aheinen.

However, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic after all does move, it points to Italy as according to the betting company. The most likely club to accomplish such an transition? Reigning Juventus to five times the money.
– If the plans are dashed, there is a clear choice for me and it’s Juventus. “The old lady” is back on the throne of Italy and Zlatan has a very good relationship with the club and the city. His wife Helena Seger also thrive and it is important to keep the family happy, says Urban Aheinen, but adds:
– But in the current situation, there is not much to be said for a move back to Italy. We think Zlatan is fully committed in Paris and going for new titles with the team.

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Zlatan and Juventus rumors

Juventus has found a way to finance a purchase of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A new agreement with Korean Samsung that is estimated to be worth 120 million euros would help to get the Swede to Turin.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has recently been linked with a move back to Italy and Juventus. But Zlatan’s high salary has been an obstacle for the Turin club Juventus. According to Football-Italia changing the club name on the Juventus Stadium to Samsung Stadium in exchange for 120 million euros.

The agreement is valid for five years and the money will be used to finance the purchase of Zlatan, according to the TV channel Mediaset. The deal with electronics giant Samsung is not official yet as Juventus are listed on the stock market.


It is also rumored that Juventus are interested in PSG midfielder Marco Verratti. The money from Samsung will also be used to keep Arturo Vidal, who is rumored to be on his way to Bayern Munich or PSG.

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