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Mino Raiola denies that Zlatan will leave PSG

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been surrounded by transfer rumors, but if you believe his agent Mino Raiola Zlatan Ibrahimovic will go nowhere. “He stays in PSG,” said the agent.
Zlatan himself said recently that he did not dare to say if he stays in PSG next season or not. He is said to want to return to Italy, and Italian and Swedish media reported that Zlatan is willing to lower his salary to play in Juventus. There has also been rumors that both Zlatan and Helena Seger do not like it in Paris and would like to move back to Italy.

Helena Seger with her son

Helena Seger with her son

None of it is true, Mino Raiola told reporters as he comes out of a meeting at Milan’s headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

– There is no chance that he will return to Italy, he stays in the PSG. I hear there is talk that he would lower his salary, but it is something that only the media says. He never talked about it, says Raiola according to several Italian media.

According to Sky Italia, the sports director Leonardo will coach the team next season, if Ancelotti would leave. After that the team would be taken over by Arsène Wenger.

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New Juventus move rumors appear

In last week Zlatan Ibrahimovic commented about that his future in Paris Saint-Germain is uncertain. Now there are new rumors revealing new details of a return to the Italian champions Juventus.
– A lot can happen. I was not set in Paris a year ago, but was set to go to the USA with Milan but instead Paris came into the picture, said Zlatan then.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger does not feel comfortable in Paris – and wants to leave the French capital. A decision according to data based on security for the family and the social situation is more fitting in Italy. One example is that Zlatan and Helenas bodyguard protection was much betterin Italy than in Paris.
– Since I arrived here, it has been very stressful, people chasing me with mopeds, Zlatan said earlier in the spring in an interview with CNN.

zlatan career

zlatan career

To return to Italy as he often referred to as a “second home” Zlatan must be willing to fix the biggest problem for a move, the salary. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is willing to reduce his annual salary from 12 million to 6 million – a sum that touches Juventus maximum ceiling of wages.

Zlatan has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain for further two years but Paris SGs club owners are not concerned about a possible move of Zlatan. They do not believe in the idea that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will reduce his salary for social reasons, in a new club, or any club is open to pay as high a salary as in PSG.

There has also been reports that if Zlatan would leave there would be a  “goodbye bonus” of between 4.5 and 6 million from Paris Saint-Germain as may be appropriate. This is paid in lieu of the more than 200 million crowns Zlatan had earned during their two remaining years of his contract. This would in practice mean that Zlatan Ibrahimovic earn almost as much as he did in PSG if Juventus offer him about 7 million in annual salary.

Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, ex-president of Juventus during Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time in Turin, knows what it takes for a move to become a reality:
– The views of Juventus has been that they will not be able to afford Zlatan Ibrahimovic unless he lowers wages. Money is a problem in Italy, even in football clubs, said Gigli.

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Zlatan and Helena Seger looking for home in Milano

Discussions between Juventus and Zlatan Ibrahimovic through his agent Mino Raiola continues. Now it seems like the family Ibrahimovic-Seger are trying to look for a home in Milan. In today’s Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper writes leading transit reporter, Carlo Laudisa, that Helena Seger is expected to Milano any day.

According to the newspaper, contacts between Juventus and agent Mino Raiola has intensified in the last week.
– Even if Zlatan would become ready for Juventus it is in Milano the family wants to stay.
Turin as a city is too small and the family already has friends there and the children’s old school, said a contact in Milano and continues:
– Turin is too small and it is in Milan family feel at home.
According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Zlatan will however, if a move to Juventus is off, also need to have an accommodation in Turin because it is too far to commute every day.

Thumbs up Helena Seger

Thumbs up Helena Seger

After Zlatan, much against his will, was sold to PSG last year, he and his family were just about to move into a new apartment in the center of Milano’s finer neighborhoods. Zlatan has lived a total of five years at Milano, during his three seasons at Inter and two in Milan. In Turin he lived two years between 2004 and 2006.
Helena Seger felt at home here, she went to her beloved gym, she had organized her life in Milan, says Alessandra Bocci on Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Zlatan obviously feels more Italian than we could imagine. Maybe Zlatan is really willing to lower his salary to get back here to us.”

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Zlatan not to win Champions League and no move to Juventus

Here are the nightmare odds for Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
1) He will never win the Champions League.
2) He will not end up in Juventus.
This according to latest odds compilers.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his French club Paris Saint Germain shook Barcelona on Wednesday at Camp Nou. But when the referee blew the final whistle the match ended 1-1 and Barcelona went ahead at 3-3, thanks to away goals.


Now comes the bleak odds from betting company Unibet.
Odds compilers predict that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will not win the Champions League during his active career.
– We do not believe it, he’s not getting any younger and the teams he may move to do not get any better, says Jonas Nilsson, PR manager of the gaming company.

The odds also points out that the recent relocation rumors do not come true.
There will be no games in the former club Juventus in the fall, but his career continues in Paris, according to odds.
– PSG have something going on and should be able to be with and challenge in the Champions League next year. We do not think it goes all the way even then. Zlatan will not win the Champions League during his active career as a footballer, says Jonas Nilsson.

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