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Details on possible Juventus contract

The possible transfer to Juventus for Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to get closer and closer. Already around two months ago the rumors about the possible transfer started to surface and they are now getting more and more. According to information from Italy today there could be a very quick deal if everything goes without any problems.
– Next season Juventus is aiming for Europe, Conte is only thinking about the Champions League. He wants Ibrahimovic and he wants him quickly, said a contact in Turin.

Juventus coach reportedly has talked to Pavel Nedved who currently is in the Juventus board and also very close to Mino Raiola.
– They emphasize the importance of things become clear soon, they do not want a summer of rumors.

Antonio Conte wants to know how the team looks in good time and work in peace and a long pre-season with a complete and finished squad says a Juventus source.

According to the latest rumors Zlatan is said to be willing to go down in salary and CEO Beppe Marotta is about to soften.
– Raiola is a clever bastard. He has got Zlatan Ibrahimovic to understand that he needs to lose pay and he starts getting Marotta to relent, said a source in Turin.

The latest rumors from Italy also mentioned that sporting director Leonardo might be moving away from PSG, in addition to coach Ancelotti, and it talks all about a feared “falling”, as soon as the season is over.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport Juventus will have more money than expected to use the coming season.
– Juventus will be able to complete this. They have close contact with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mino Raiola. Both parties want this. Now it hangs on to PSG release him. There is still a lot to complete, but the deal seems increasingly realistic and it can go fast, that’s what everyone involved wants, said a source Juve in Turin last night.

Zlatan Ibrahimovics PSG jersey

Zlatan Ibrahimovics PSG jersey

Juventus possible solution to get Zlatan Ibrahimovic to sign a contract with them is a solution that involves that Zlatan Ibrahimovic must lower his wages considerably with a salary at around € 5.5 million net year. This way Juventus gets around the salary cap they set up to keep the economy healthy. But a possible contract to Zlatan Ibrahimovic would also guarantee a series of bonuses based on achievement: goals, assists, set penalties and the like. That way he could reach a salary of around eight million euros net per year and it is said to be a number that Zlatan Ibrahimovic can accept.

Nedved stated in his talks with Raiola press that “passion is more important than money” and that Juventus also wants to offer Zlatan a future leadership role within Juventus.

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