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Zlatan to beat Swedish national goal record

Zlatan Ibrahimovic want to break the goal record in the national team and promises to play as long as he is active. The announcement from Zlatan makes the whole Swedish nation to celebrate.
– He may beat the goal record already before the game against Faroe said Erik Hamrén.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic held a press conference for the coming season. But he also gave the team happy news that he continues even after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
– I play as long as I’m active. I’m looking to make the most goals of all time in the national team. I have eleven left. I hope to make it and that we get to Brazil. As long as I’m active, I will play.

zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan Ibrahimovic

This announcement made the whole team cheer.
– No surprise, but I am very happy that he has the urge and motivation. It’s tough pressure on him both at club and national team and it’s impressive that he manages it, says coach Erik Hamrén.

Zlatan has eleven goals left to Sven Rydell’s goal record of 49 goals.
– As long as he has the goal to beat this goal record maybe he has the motivation to continue. But we’ll take it little by little, he may not make eleven goals in a match. We have to take it little by little so he can go on for many many years. You do not think he beats målrekordet already against the Faroe Islands then?
– Haha, now we have the first game, we’ll talk about that later. He may have beaten it before the Faroe Islands.

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