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Zlatan talks about David Beckham

Tears ran down David Beckham’s cheeks when he was celebrated by the audience during the game against Brest. The Englishman’s very last home game of his career.¬†Zlatan Ibrahimovic got up close to see how the teammates in Paris Saint-Germain thanked themselves after a long and successful career.

And Zlatan Ibrahimovic who sometimes is known for not having so much feelings admits that he also was moved by the scenes.
– It was emotional to see Beckham, given that he is such a great player that you have heard so much and seen so much of him. But now you know the person behind him. He is an amazing person. Sleek, professional, work hard. And he has a great family. The most important is the person behind the persona, and it is only positive, says Zlatan.

David Beckham

David Beckham

Beckham joined PSG in the January transfer window. During his brief trip in Paris he managed to play in both Ligue 1 and the Champions League for the club.

But Beckham has not only made a big impression on Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the pitch. He has also become a model by which the world’s most famous and richest footballers, yet have managed to keep their feet on the ground.
– I’ve learned a lot from him. When he has played, he does it fantastically well. Even if he lives in a different world compared to other footballers. He inspires me. He lives a normal life. He goes out of the park and walk and he is surfing with the kids, says Zlatan.
– I myself feel that I do not take such initiatives, I think that someone can see me and the kids and I do not want my children to end up in that situation.

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