Trivia about Zlatan

* Zlatan’s father (Bosnian) is Muslim, while his mother (Croatian) is Christian. However, he is not very strict about either religion.

* Joga TV, a series of TV advertisement for Nike leading up to 2006 FIFA World Cup, frequently features Zlatan. One episode centered on Zlatan’s (proven) ability to spit a piece of gum out of his mouth, juggle it between his feet, and then kick it back into his mouth.

* Zlatan has two tattoos on each of his forearms, nicknamed the Ibrahimovic code. They are a series of numbers which are birth dates of his family:
o Left arm: 18.07.1979 — Sister, Sanela; 16.04.1951 — Mother, Jurka
o Right arm: 23.08.1951 — Father, Sefik; 30.04.1973 — Brother, Sapko; 10.07.1986 — Brother, Aleksander

* During the World Cup in 2006, one of the most popular songs in Sweden was Who’s Da Man – a song about Zlatan that was written and performed by a group from Ystad called Elias. It featured a seven-year-old boy on vocals, Frans, who considers Zlatan as his hero.

* In a poll on during 2003, 61 per cent (4221 votes) voted for Zlatan to wear the name “Zlatan” on the back of his shirt. 29 per cent (2014 votes) voted for “Ibrahimovic”, while 9 per cent (617 votes) had no opinion.

* Zlatan shares a birthday (October 3, 1981) with fellow Swedish footballer Andreas Isaksson.

* He is trained in taekwondo.

* Zlatan was the fourth Swede to put on the Ajax shirt, joining Inge Danielsson, Peter Larsson, and Stefan Pettersson.

* 84% of the population of Rosengård, the part of Malmö where Zlatan grew up, have a background from another country than Sweden.

* Vägen tillbaka – Blådårar 2 is going to be a movie about Zlatan and the way back to Allsvenskan, the Swedish first division, for Malmö FF after they where degraded from Allsvenskan in 1999 for the first time in 64 years. It is also said to include a “Zlatan song”.

* In April 2002, a new book about training soccer skills was published in Sweden, where readers can learn some of Zlatan’s special tricks.

* Zlatan signed for Malmö FF at the age of 13.

* He has a son, Maximilian, who was born on September 22, 2006.

* The average grade Zlatan achieved when finishing 9th grade was 3.2 out of 5 (5 being the best).

* Zlatan is a Croatian name which means “gold”

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