Helena Seger vs Victoria Beckham

They are stylish, rich and loves to shop. Their men are the world’s top footballers and play together in the French team Paris Saint Germain. Yes, the common denominators between football wives Victoria Beckham, 38, and Helena Seger, 42, are many.

But that does not mean that the two play the wives will automatically click. Now, however, sources told the newspaper The Sun that Victoria Beckham will get butter up sharply for Helena Seger.

– Helena is known as the Paris equivalent of Victoria Beckham. And she will not like that someone else steals her spotlight. If Posh should fit in as spelarfru Paris Saint Germain so she must try to make friends with Zlatan’s girlfriend and certainly not do anything that annoys her or go on her nerves, said a source to The Sun.

Helena’s boyfriend Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 31, tells himself about his girlfriend’s bitchy side in his book – he calls her “evil bitch super deluxe” and describes Victory as a female equivalent of mob boss Tony Montana in the movie “Scarface.”

– Helena is a powerful woman in Paris. She is elegant and classy and comes from a respectable family. She and Victoria are very similar in many ways and could become good friends – but they are so similar that I imagine that they could fight a lot. If Posh lands on the wrong foot with Helena so can life in Paris would be very difficult for her. She may be completely ostracized by the other player, the wives, the source said further.

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