Helena Seger and Zlatan History, Part 3

Helena Seger is smart, funny, caring and she has humor. And Zlatan is Zlatan, he is a picky bastard and not content with a bad pass, but he wants the best and she is the best. I do not think it is a coincidence that the two are together, he says.

On Wednesday it was announced that David Beckham will play football with Zlatan in Paris Saint-Germain. The phrase “all roads lead to Rome” seems instead to be “all roads lead to Paris.”
Newly relocated Beckham family back to London after living in Los Angeles since 2007.
At the moment it looks that Victoria will stay a part of London and some in baguettens capital.

To Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Beckham will play ball on the same team is a fact. And although Victoria, aka Posh Spice after time in the Spice Girls, is said to be a lot in London, she will meet with Helena on multiple games and events. Two of the world’s most famous and fashion conscious football wives in the same city. It’s that paved the way for a party. Style-conscious, more children are mothers, wealthy, own careers and successful The common denominators are many.
– Congratulations Posh! You will get a fantastic hostess in Paris, says Staffan Erfors.
– I know that the two have met, and I think even now admire Posh Helena. Helena is an excellent guide for Victoria, both in terms of social contacts and shopping. Posh will see and learn from Helena how to behave in Paris, says Staffan Erfors.

“We hope that they will be friends”
Per Dunsö and Staffan Edh are positive Beckham Family’s foray into Paris.
– It will be an interesting combination, it’ll be enough interesting dinners.

He believes that both football wives have much in common.
– They are a little in the same industry. So they can have a lot to talk about. I hope they become friends, says Per Dunsö.

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