Helena Seger and Zlatan History, Part 2

When Zlatan played at Ajax between 2001 and 2004 Helena Seger spent most of her time with him in Amsterdam. But she at the same time had her own career and worked with MalacoLeaf. In 2005 the pair official moved together to Turin in Italy and the following year they had to pack their suitcases to fashion capital Milan, to fashion aficionados Helena’s delight. But the moves continued. Parma ham and Prada bags were replaced with Spanish tapas and sangria when Zlatan and Helena Seger moved to Barcelona in 2009. In 2010 the couple were back in Italy and Milan, when Zlatan Ibrahimovic continued his career at AC Milan.

Happy Helena Seger

Helena Seger happy looking at Zlatan

Helena Seger is always seen by Zlatan’s side . But she will not just be someone’s girlfriend and has always cared about her own career. During her time at the budget airline Flyme, formed in 2004, she was well liked by her colleagues.
– Helena joined Flyme quite early, since she was on maternity leave. But I remember that she was capable and competent. She did a good job for the company, says the former colleague and board member for Flyme, Staffan Edh.

It is often said that Helena is Zlatan’s victory. The friend Staffan Erfors says the same and at the same time can not stop praising Helena charisma.

– Helena is a female Zlatan. It’s Zlatan class in her. She gets six wasps! Says Staffan Erfors.

During Helena’s time in Malmö, she worked as editor of the Evening Post.
– Helena is an old friend of mine. I hung out with her before she met Zlatan. She is such a person makes you happy and that everyone wants to get to know.

While Erfors lived in Malmö, he spent much time with Helena Seger. It was she who introduced him to many parts of Malmö and Skåne.

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