Helena Seger and Zlatan History, Part 1

From Lindesberg outside Orebro to Paris. With Zlatan at her side. Helena Seger is one of the world’s most famous and most glamorous soccer wives and share life with our Swedish soccer god.
Today, the couple lives Zlatan / Victory in Romanticism capital along with his sons Maximilian and Vincent, after Zlatan started to play in Paris Saint-Germain in July 2012.

Helena Seger moved to Malmö when she was 17 years old and went last year of high school at the Latin School. Her classmates remember her as happy and positive. And even at a young age, she was purposeful. Classmate Birgitta Andersson, 43, from Bunkeflostrand, have no contact with Helena today, but do not forget how brave Helena was.

Helena Seger, fashion photo

Helena Seger, at an early age

– Helena was really nice in the school, she was OK in every way. And she was pretty tough, otherwise you can not move at that age. She was a brave girl. It’s awesome that she has come so far, she says. Helena started working as a young girl and worked for as a bartender at Slagthuset in Malmö, She did some modeling and she was the store manager at JC and Yellow & Blue.
After studying marketing Helena worked for MalacoLeaf and later for the low-cost carrier Fly-me.

The first meeting between Helena Seger and Zlatan was 2002. But it was really a coincidence. They bumped into each other in a car park in Malmö.
– When we met, he had double-parked his Ferrari next to my Merca. I was in a bad mood and hissed him to move the car. I think he was triggered by my attitude, Helena Seger has previously told Elle magazine. The meeting came to change Helena’s life forever. Zlatan had difficulty withstanding the eleven years older Helena with her blonde curls and determined attitude.
– Zlatan is a clever bastard on the pitch but he is also good at choosing women. He can not find a better woman than Helena. She’s almost as good as Zlatan says Staffan Erfors, close friend of Helena.

In 1989 Helena Seger became a well known face by SVT children’s series “Cozmoz,”.
– The series was about a school class in high school and Helena had one of the lead roles. But I remember her as very sweet, ambitious and very pleasant. She is a wonderful human being. It was easy to deal with her, says the actor Per Dunsö.

He has not had contact with Helena since the recording of “Cozmoz” but follow her and Zlatan advancing through the world.
– Suddenly, she appeared as Zlatan’s girlfriend. I thought it sounded like a lovely couple when I heard about them for the first time, says Per Dunsö.

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