Helena Seger and Paris

The family Seger/ Ibrahimovic move to France has been a success. Zlatan beeing a big part of their team, Paris Saint Germain in the French league – and Helena Seger has made the streets of Paris to her own.
In an interview with French Elle magazine she talks about the first half year in the French capital.
– To end up here was the best thing that could happen to my family. People are cool, less assertive than in southern Europe, I spend hours walking around the city without being disturbed. And the food! My God, if Zlatan prolongs the PSG (Paris Saint Germain), I would weigh 100 kilos!

But it is not just a victory that thrive – even the family’s sons has adapted to French culture – and to the language.
– They have so much different yogurt varieties here, it’s crazy. I can spend hours thinking about what their marketing strategies. Marketing was long my life, she says.

During the autumn, the French media have speculated the couple should have bought a house somewhere. In October, the French newspaper Le Figaro wrote that the family turned down the an exclusive area of ​​Yvelines, near Versailles. But these are things that Seger strongly denies.

– We live great, except for one thing, other famous people have moved in to our building and there are people calling photographers to tell them that they are on the way out. I meet their hairdressers and make-up dancers in the morning when I take the kids to school. It’s really tacky!

Last year it was ten years ago, the couple met – and they could not be better, according to Seger.
– Sure, he’s crazy, but in a good way. He’s my best friend, my soulmate. He has caused me to be calmer, he has changed my life. He is very funny. But becoming someone soccer wife was not planned.
– I did not need Zlatan, and maybe it’s also what he liked about me. I have as an example had to teach him table manners, but when it comes to good manners, I have little left to teach him.

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