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Zlatan will earn over 1000 million Swedish kronor

If Zlatan Ibrahimovic meets his three-year contract with PSG, he will have played in over 1000 million Swedish kronor (~$125 million) just in salary during his pro career.

When Sweden’s best paid athlete of the week took holiday after thundered into 2-0 in World Cup qualifier match against the Faroe Islands Zlatan is expecting living the good life with cars, boats and luxury accommodation. Biggest concern will be to choose how he, his partner Helena Seger and the children will divide their time between summer houses and luxury apartments in Stockholm, New York, Milan, Paris and Miami.

It has been twelve years since Zlatan Ibrahimovic was bought from Malmo FF by the Dutch top team Ajax. In the eleven years up to 2012, he changed teams five times, Ajax-Juventus-Inter-Barcelona-Milan. In total he will have earned 687 million Swedish kronor in salary alone during this time, according to the sport business. Most of the payment he received in the final years of Inter and during his years in Barcelona, ​​where his annual salary was around 120 million Swedish kronor.

zlatan career information

zlatan career information

Last summer Zlatan wrote a three-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). During the past year, he has helped PSG win the French league title. And he has signed for a salary of 113 million.

If all calculations are correct, this means that Zlatan Ibrahimovic (whose first name means “gold” in South Slavic) earned nearly 800 million Swedish kronor just in salary payments during his twelve year-long pro career. Zlatan Ibrahimovic‘s sponsorship contract, which according to Forbes magazine valued at SEK 16 million in just the last twelve months, are not included in the sum. Neither his proceeds from the book “I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic ‘which sold over 700,000 copies in Sweden and was exported to another 18 countries.

But Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s career is not over yet. If Zlatan finishes his three-year contract with PSG, he can look forward to the same salary (113 million Swedish kronor) for two more years. This means that Ibrahimovic’s total payroll passes 1000 million Swedish kronor mark in early 2015.

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Zlatan invests big in USA

Yesterday there were new reports that Napoli president De Laurentiis still sees Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the optimale substitute if Edison Cavani leaves the club. According to the reputable Italian La Repubblica Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the first choice.

While discussions about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s nearest football future progress Zlatan continues his long-term plans for a life outside of football. Zlatan invests wisely and invest heavily in real estate. Both for his own and Helena Segers use in Sweden but also as major investments.

Zlatan and Helena's home in Malmö

Zlatan and Helena Seger’s home in Sweden

Zlatan owns real estate among others in Milan and Miami and New York, but not in Dubai, which is sometimes mistakenly provided. Now Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to invest in the United States.
– He sees a lot of potential there, and may even consider staying there for a while and play there, like including his old teammate Nesta, which of course plays in Canada, says a source in Milan to Sportbladet.

According to the Italian financial newspaper Milano Finanza Zlatan Ibrahimovic has now entered a new project in New York, which could be worth billions. It is the Italian real estate mogul Davide Bizzi who is the main protagonist and famous for his construction in Milan as well as in New York, where he owns a property at 58 storeys, on Fifth Avenue.

Bizzis latest major investment is a property in the Tribeca area, on Leonard Street 101. His company Bizzi & Partners Development is behind the purchase of the property, which is twelve floors. It was purchased for $ 53 million. According to Milano Finanza there are two other investors in the project, through the holding company “Les Copains Holding”. One is New York-raised author Boris Aronov, and the other is said to be Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The property has been an office but will now be made into designer apartments in various sizes. Company Marine Architects stands for the ideas.
– They will be incredibly gorgeous designed apartments with high ceilings and different solutions for each floor and their finest becomes attics, says a source.

The renovation is expected to continue until 2014, when the apartments are ready for occupancy. The reconstruction is said cost $106 million. Including the purchase price the investment will be well over one billion dollar. However in time, Bizzi and his partners, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic expect to get back the money, by far.

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Zlatan voted This years Swede

Over half a million Swedes live abroad. Their favorite Swedish in 2013 has now been announced and it is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Now the superstar Zlatan can call himself “This years Swede in the world”. Sven-Goran Eriksson, JO Waldner and Annika Sorenstam are three major sports profiles that have previously received the award.

At a brief ceremony at the team’s hotel at Humlegarden in Stockholm Zlatan Ibrahimovic received a diploma and a glass figurine of Chairman Michael Treschow and Secretary Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist.

zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan Ibrahimovic

The award is not out until August, but since it is highly unlikely that Zlatan Ibrahimovic can attend the Grand Hotel in Stockholm in August the ceremony was held on Sunday evening. According to sources Zlatan Ibrahimovic was proud and happy to receive this award, which was not supposed to be published until Wednesday.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic moved abroad in summer 2001. Malmo FF had sold him in March to Ajax for a record sum 82,500,000 SEK. In his autobiography ‘I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic’ from 2011, Zlatan talks about the difficult time overseas and away from Sweden.

He was young, he was full of zeal but most of all he felt immediately alone in a small terraced house in Diemen near Amsterdam. He had no friends. He had spent his money. First, a few weeks later, the first salary was paid. The fridge was getting empty. Then he telephoned Maxwell, who was also new to the club. Zlatan could stay with him and sleeping on a mattress. There he gained a friend for life.

Twelve years later, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is by far the most talked about Swedish athlete, both in Sweden and internationally. Zlatan is worth several hundred million dollars and owns property in Sweden, Milan, Miami and New York among others,.

Zlatan has lived in Amsterdam, Turin, Milan, Barcelona and lives since last summer in Paris with his partner Helena Seger and their sons Maximilian (born 2006) and Vincent (born 2008). Zlatan has repeatedly said that he appreciated life in Italy and now persistent rumors puts him in various Italian clubs this summer. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not given any clear hints about the future, not more than that, he pointed out that he is under contract with Paris SG.

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PSG transfer rumors update

The champions Paris Saint-Germain faces an important summer. Recently there have been a lot of PSG transfer rumors. Several big stars have been rumored to be moving away. It is also rumored that PSG seem to have trouble getting the players to enjoy the city and the club environment. The Qatari owners want at all costs to keep superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

But Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his wife Helena Seger are unhappy in Paris and want most of all to return to Italy, according to statements in different interviews. A return to the Italian champion Juventus have emerged as the most likely option, and in Italy it is written daily on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Segers possible Juventus move.

A major obstacle on the road is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s high wages, which Juventus in the current situation can not afford to pay. Different solutions are discussed, as higher bonus, but it seems clear that Zlatan have to cut down in pay to make the transfer a reality.

If we are to trust Mino Raiolas sharp statement there will be absolutely no move.
– There is a 0,001-percent chance that Zlatan goes to Juventus, Mino Raiola said to Tuttosport in late April.
According to Gazzetta dello Sport Zlatan Ibrahimovic earns just over 10 million Euro per year in PSG. Juventus should have announced a four-year contract with an annual salary of 6 million.

zlatan career

zlatan career

Recent data from the agent Mino Raiola says that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will remain at PSG.
– The entire project revolves around him so I think he stays, Mino Raiola says to Italian media.

Another one that wants to go back to Italy is the Argentine Ezequiel Lavezzi. The striker was first signed in PSG where over 23 million ended up in Naples. Unfortunately for the French, Ezequiel Lavezzi does not love the country so much. The agent Alejandro Mazzoni recently confirmed that an Italy move may be appropriate and according to Corriere dello Sport, Milan is very interested in signing Ezequiel Lavezzi.

Another one that is hesitant about the future is Ancelotti.
– I still hesitate. I’m not sure, says Ancelotti according to France Football. The Italian is mentioned primarily as a likely replacement for Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid. This is if Chelsea can solve Jose Mourinho’s buyout clause which according to the Guardian is at 15 million.

A player that there has been less PSG transfer rumors about is Thiago Silva. Thiago, who said he never wanted to leave Milan, is sitting on a gold rimmed contract that extends all the way to 2017. Barcelona are said to be interested, but:
– A move will be difficult to implement, and I think he finally stays in PSG, says the player’s agent Paulo Tonietto to Rac1.

David Beckham

David Beckham

How it will be with David Beckham people seem to disagree on. The Englishman’s contract expires in the summer, but it still seems that he stays. David Beckham has been offered a one-year deal to PSG, where the midfielder is likely to continue to donate his salary to charity.

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Zlatan to open Eurovision Song Contest

The stars to attend the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden this year are many. The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, 14, 16 and 18 May. But untill now the name of the by far  heaviest recruitment has been a secret. It now however seems like SVT (Swedish Television) managed to get Zlatan Ibrahimovic to participate in the broadcasts.

He’ll tell a hundred million viewers welcome to his hometown of Malmö and the Eurovision Song Contest. It is said this welcome will be pre-recorded.
– It’s about opening the final and is linked to that Bjorn and Benny do with Avicii, said a source within the production.

Zlatan rumors regarding Juventus

Zlatan to open Eurovision Song Contest

Zlatan’s schedule will not allow him participate live at the finals, he is already commited with Paris Saint Germain on May 18, the day the finals will be held. Even the week before contains matches, on the 11th Zlatan Ibrahimovic and PSG face Lyon in the French league. SVT has previously said that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is high on their wish list for the upcoming giant event.
– Zlatan’s the biggest Malmö has said Christer Björkman, show producer then.

Christer Björkman know Zlatan’s wife Helena Seger from before and should have talked to her on the sports gala earlier this year.
– It is thanks to her that it has now become a reality.

So, looks like Zlatan to open Eurovision Song Contest, will you watch it for the music or for Zlatan?

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Juventus for Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Thiago Silva hopes not

The rumors about Zlatan Ibrahimovic intensifies day by day. There have been a lot of different clubs that have been mentioned as potential clubs for Zlatan during the summer transfer window. The most mentioned rumor is the possible move back to Juventus for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Today one of the worlds best defenders, Thiago Silva goes out with comments about the latest transfer rumors around Zlatan. Thiago Silva hopes that these rumors are not true and that Zlatan Ibrahimovic plans to stay in Paris Saint Germain. Thiago Silva also mentions that he considers Zlatan to be one of his best friends in PSG.
– He is a positive person who gives strength to the team. I hope Zlatan stays. Here in Paris, he can build this team and get the club to grow. I really hope he stays, says Silva to Le 10 Sport.

Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are teammates since their time in Milan and they also joined PSG at the same time. Even though they are good friends Silva claims he does not know for sure if it will be Juventus for Zlatan Ibrahimovic this summer or if Zlatan will stay in PSG.
– I have not had the opportunity to discuss with him whether he made ​​the decision to stay or leave, says Silva.

Helena Seger with her son

Helena Seger with her son

Zlatan Ibrahimovic currently has a contract with PSG until 2015 and is enjoying Paris together with his girlfriend Helena Seger.

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Zlatan and Helena to sell home in Malmö

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s luxury villa in Malmö is currently up for sale. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger no longer has any time to stay in the house and wants to sell. The luxury villa was bought in 2007 for 30 million swedish crowns (roughly 3 million Euro), ten million more than the previous record for private villas in the city of Malmö. The previous owner bought the house in 2003 for eight million. He did not have a particularly long period of consideration when Zlatan and Helena knocked on the door and offered almost four times the price.

Zlatan and Helena's home in Malmö

Zlatan and Helena Seger’s home

Zlatan and Helena Seger then did an extensive renovation with the excavation of a lower floor, new garage, swimming pool and a complete upgrade of the home’s interior, said to have cost as much as the villa itself did.

Zlatan and Helena Seger’s luxury villa

The house is 836 square meters, has three large lounges, private TV room, five bedrooms, Italian kitchen and a SPA. The garage has space for four cars. It would be hard for Zlatan and Helena to get back the money they spent at a potential sale.
– Though it’s my belief it will be sold for more than he bought it for, says realtor Jan Lundqvist who is entrusted to sell the super villa.

The broker has personally met Zlatan before the sale and have clear rules of conduct at work. So for example, he is not allowed to show interior photos of the house out of respect for both current and future owners. The speculators who express a serious interest in the property will also have their finances audited by the broker.

The broker has through his contacts in both France and Italy put out hooks in many places. Realtor Jan Lundqvist can not say today when a possible deal can be concluded.
– These kinds of objects are living their own lives. Sellers can afford to wait for the right buyer, and therefore it is impossible to say how long a sale will take.

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Zlatan and Helena Seger looking for home in Milano

Discussions between Juventus and Zlatan Ibrahimovic through his agent Mino Raiola continues. Now it seems like the family Ibrahimovic-Seger are trying to look for a home in Milan. In today’s Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper writes leading transit reporter, Carlo Laudisa, that Helena Seger is expected to Milano any day.

According to the newspaper, contacts between Juventus and agent Mino Raiola has intensified in the last week.
– Even if Zlatan would become ready for Juventus it is in Milano the family wants to stay.
Turin as a city is too small and the family already has friends there and the children’s old school, said a contact in Milano and continues:
– Turin is too small and it is in Milan family feel at home.
According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Zlatan will however, if a move to Juventus is off, also need to have an accommodation in Turin because it is too far to commute every day.

Thumbs up Helena Seger

Thumbs up Helena Seger

After Zlatan, much against his will, was sold to PSG last year, he and his family were just about to move into a new apartment in the center of Milano’s finer neighborhoods. Zlatan has lived a total of five years at Milano, during his three seasons at Inter and two in Milan. In Turin he lived two years between 2004 and 2006.
Helena Seger felt at home here, she went to her beloved gym, she had organized her life in Milan, says Alessandra Bocci on Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Zlatan obviously feels more Italian than we could imagine. Maybe Zlatan is really willing to lower his salary to get back here to us.”

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Helena Seger #2 in France

Helena Seger is the number 2 soccer wife in PSG in a french video found on youtube. According to us here at of course Helena Seger should be number one. Video starts from  1 min 17 seconds into the video as this is the first time Helena Seger appears in the video.

Do you agree with the rating of Helena Seger #2 or how would you rate her among the other soccer wifes in PSG?

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Helena Seger, kids and Zlatan

A video showing Helena Seger together with her and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s two kids. The Ibrahimovic family attended an exhibition game against Quatar team Lekhwiya in Doha. Helena Seger, her kids Maximilian and Vincent attend the first half, before Zlatan join them in the grandstands for the second half.


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