PSG increased revenue with 100 million

That Paris Saint-Germain could recruit Zlatan Ibrahimovic has its explanations. The Paris team was the club in Europe, which increased its revenue the most this recent season. PSG went from 86.5 million Euro in revenue from 2011 to 190 million Euro in 2012, according to figures provided the audit and consulting firm Deloitte has presented.

The increase of just over one 100 million Euro was larger than the whole of the Premier League’s increased revenues. And other clubs in Ligue 1 saw their revenues decline by more than 20 million Euro during the same year.

Premier League was the league with the most revenue in total, over 2.4 billion, while the Bundesliga was second at 1.6 billion and Spanish La Liga third on 1.5 billion. Barcelona and Real Madrid’s income rose by 500 million together while other La Liga clubs saw revenues decline by 16 million.

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