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Zlatan in new Juventus rumors

Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to be of big interest to the Italian transfer market. Now also Juventus president Beppe Marotta risks to get rid of his job – and Pavel Nedved can take his place.
In this case Zlatan Ibrahimovic can be the former star midfielder’s first transfer target.
– Who would not want Ibra? I hope to see him return, Nedved said Sunday night in Italian television.

A statement that made headlines, quite consciously, as a strategy, and part of the game behind the white-black scenes. For although Juventus lead outwardly said that it will not solicit Zlatan this is most likely not the last word.

Both coach Antonio Conte and Pavel Nedved would still have Zlatan. Nedved, who sits in the Juventus board, have close contact with agent Mino Raiola.
– Ibra just recently said that he does not know if he’s still there. And Ancelotti is likely to be ready anytime for Real, says a source in Turin and continues:
– Why Nedved not given up hope. Both he and Conte sees Ibrahimovic as the perfect winning type, the one that is needed to

zlatan career information

zlatan career informationjuv

win the Champions League. Negotiations are under way in silence.

Juvents CEO Beppe Marotta has always slowed down and suggested that Zlatan is too expensive and president Andrea Agnelli has been of the same opinion. But according to consistent information from several sources is a growing dissatisfaction with Beppe Marotta. So far he has not rowed ashore the signings spoken of, as Jovetic, Tevez and Higuain. Now there is growing pressure on Marotta. In addition, he squeezed by the fact that several players like Andrea Pirlo, please see Zlatan return.

Now Juventus management have set an ultimatum. By the end of June, at least one, preferably several, big signings to be in port. Otherwise Marotta will loose his job. His contract will be renewed at the end and Andrea Agnelli is said to be about to turn in their perception of Marottas skills.
– Juve are heading towards a new management team, many want to see Nedved on Marottas place. Though many fans who want to see the symbol of Juve, who Nedved, take over. And in that case, Ibrahimovic first enlistment, according to one contact, but adds:
– Marotta has little time. But behind the scenes it’s all-out war. And Conte wants the team ready early, so we can train together players. The pressure is increasing on Marotta for every day, it opens for Zlatan.

Coach Conte is now away on honeymoon but have left a wish list and clear to the Juve management. Alongside this, Mino Raiola touch even with Napoli, where Edison Cavanis father Luis Cavani other day got out and said:
– My son wants to Real Madrid.

Zlatan mentioned that dream replacements for Cavani.
Agent Raiola and Napoli sporting director Riccardo Bigon reportedly had dinner recently. Zlatan’s teammate at PSG, Matuidi, should have been the main course in the transfer menu. But Ibra and a possible future at the San Paolo is reported to have been discussed. The Italian tug of war about Zlatan thus continuing training and match Napoli PSG July 30 in Naples could be very interesting for several reasons.

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Odds indicate that Zlatan will stay in PSG

The odds indicate that Zlatan will stay in PSG. If Ibrahimovic would leave it would most likely become Italy that Zlatan moves to. At least this according to odds at one of the major bookmakers on the Internet.
– But in the current situation, there is not much to be said for a move, says Urban Aheinen from the gaming company Nordicbet.

Summer and the silly season. And as always Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in focus. After a successful first season in Paris Saint Germain, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic won both the top scorer and the league title, so now the odds point on that Paris Saint-Germain’s biggest star will be there again next season.

zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan Ibrahimovic

Low 1.35 in odds at the betting company Nordicbet indicate that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will remain in the French capital in the next season.
– Zlatan thrives in Paris. PSG went far in the Champions League and showed that they can participate and challenge the best. Continuing efforts in Paris, we believe that Zlatan is keen to remain a part of the project and the team really needs Zlatan Ibrahimovic says Urban Aheinen.

However, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic after all does move, it points to Italy as according to the betting company. The most likely club to accomplish such an transition? Reigning Juventus to five times the money.
– If the plans are dashed, there is a clear choice for me and it’s Juventus. “The old lady” is back on the throne of Italy and Zlatan has a very good relationship with the club and the city. His wife Helena Seger also thrive and it is important to keep the family happy, says Urban Aheinen, but adds:
– But in the current situation, there is not much to be said for a move back to Italy. We think Zlatan is fully committed in Paris and going for new titles with the team.

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Latest Zlatan related news

Today we only have two small Zlatan related news.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his Paris Saint-Germain begins the next league season with a road game against Montpellier on August 31. Schedule makers have ensured that this year’s championship team faced last year champions in the premiere. The same day meets newcomer Monaco Bordeaux, Marseille meet Guingamp and Lyon against Nice. Ligue 1 takes Christmas break between 21 December and 10 January and ends on May 10.

zlatan strike the ball

zlatan the striker

When it comes to news regarding Zlatan Ibrahimovic it has been speculated that Ibrahimovic will leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer. Juventus and Napoli have been cited as new club addresses. But now the agent Mino Raiola states that Zlatan will stay in Paris.

– Zlatan will continue this next year. He is very happy in Paris. He has won the title, he scores, he does his job, he did what he should do and what he had promised, says agent Mino Raiola to RMC.

– He has a good relationship with Carlo Ancelotti, but on the other hand, Zlatan always has a good relationship with his coach, except Guardiola. It is unfortunate if Ancelotti disappear, but such things happen.

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Sweden vs Faroe Islands

Sweden needed to score a lot of goals in the home game against the Faroe Islands to improve the goal difference in the battle for second place. There were however only two goals scored in the whole game.

In the 35th minute Zlatan Ibrahimovic played the ball to Mikael Lustig, got it back and scored 1-0.
Sweden had several chances to score more goals in the second half. Ola Toivonen had the best chance when he was totally free in the 75th minute, but the keeper made ​​the save.

zlatan career

zlatan career

Shortly later Andreas Granqvist was sent off after a bout and is therefore off against Ireland. Zlatan ended up at the same time in squabbling with Gunnar Nielsen and pushed into the goalie.
Sweden got a penalty in the 81st minute after Zlatan Ibrahimovic had been pulled down. Ibrahimovic ended up once again in trouble with Nielsen after having tossed the ball into the face of the goalie.
– I do not see him. It’s a no look pass, so that’s good. I meet him, says Zlatan.

– If I fall, Zlatan had gotten a red card. I do not think he shows me respect, but I guess he is like that, says Nielsen.
Zlatan did not agree with him.
– He should have saved the penalty instead.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic put the penalty shot safely into the goal and celebrated before Nielsen. After the match, he explained why.
– He talks too much. He should be quiet. It felt like they whined the whole match. I’ve never met a team that is whining so much. Focus on running and playing and maybe you get one point, says Zlatan and continues:
– It was on all the time, I do not understand it. But they provoke in all the wrong ways. I laugh at it. It makes me more psyched.
Sweden is now on 11 points, just like Ireland and Austria. But Austria has six goals better goal difference than Sweden. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was however still happy after the game.


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Zlatan invests big in USA

Yesterday there were new reports that Napoli president De Laurentiis still sees Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the optimale substitute if Edison Cavani leaves the club. According to the reputable Italian La Repubblica Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the first choice.

While discussions about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s nearest football future progress Zlatan continues his long-term plans for a life outside of football. Zlatan invests wisely and invest heavily in real estate. Both for his own and Helena Segers use in Sweden but also as major investments.

Zlatan and Helena's home in Malmö

Zlatan and Helena Seger’s home in Sweden

Zlatan owns real estate among others in Milan and Miami and New York, but not in Dubai, which is sometimes mistakenly provided. Now Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to invest in the United States.
– He sees a lot of potential there, and may even consider staying there for a while and play there, like including his old teammate Nesta, which of course plays in Canada, says a source in Milan to Sportbladet.

According to the Italian financial newspaper Milano Finanza Zlatan Ibrahimovic has now entered a new project in New York, which could be worth billions. It is the Italian real estate mogul Davide Bizzi who is the main protagonist and famous for his construction in Milan as well as in New York, where he owns a property at 58 storeys, on Fifth Avenue.

Bizzis latest major investment is a property in the Tribeca area, on Leonard Street 101. His company Bizzi & Partners Development is behind the purchase of the property, which is twelve floors. It was purchased for $ 53 million. According to Milano Finanza there are two other investors in the project, through the holding company “Les Copains Holding”. One is New York-raised author Boris Aronov, and the other is said to be Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The property has been an office but will now be made into designer apartments in various sizes. Company Marine Architects stands for the ideas.
– They will be incredibly gorgeous designed apartments with high ceilings and different solutions for each floor and their finest becomes attics, says a source.

The renovation is expected to continue until 2014, when the apartments are ready for occupancy. The reconstruction is said cost $106 million. Including the purchase price the investment will be well over one billion dollar. However in time, Bizzi and his partners, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic expect to get back the money, by far.

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Zlatan nominated for goal of the season

On Sunday it was announced that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was named This years Swede in the world. On Monday the triumphs continued for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Before the press conference before meeting with the Faroe Islands Zlatan Ibrahimovic received prize as the athletes of the sports journalists’ club in Stockholm. Zlatan got 97 percent of the vote.

Zlatan accepted the award with a big smile on his face. Then he discovers that respected British newspaper The Guardian nominated Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s bicycle kick against England for this years goal of the season.
– I have not seen any other on that level. But we’ll see. I hope I win. I have won some time before I think the Ajax goal. If I get this one also, it also is fantastic, says Ibrahimovic.

Currently Zlatan Ibrahimovic has 46% of the votes. Help him win by clicking on the llink above to the Guardian and cast your vote on Zlatan.

Among the other nominees are, among others, Leo Messi, Robin van Persie, Oscar and David Luiz. Now Zlatan hopes he will win the prize and a win against the Faroe Islands and then be able to enjoy a much needed vacation.
– It would be fantastic to win tomorrow (against the Faroe Islands) and then start the real vacation. But it has not started yet, there is one day left. It would be even better if we had won against Austria too but it will still be great if we win tomorrow.

Do you have any vacation plans yet?
– No, I usually never plan the holiday. When I was planning the future will be just the opposite. I plan nothing but take it as it comes. We are probably at home in Sweden said Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Zlatan voted This years Swede

Over half a million Swedes live abroad. Their favorite Swedish in 2013 has now been announced and it is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Now the superstar Zlatan can call himself “This years Swede in the world”. Sven-Goran Eriksson, JO Waldner and Annika Sorenstam are three major sports profiles that have previously received the award.

At a brief ceremony at the team’s hotel at Humlegarden in Stockholm Zlatan Ibrahimovic received a diploma and a glass figurine of Chairman Michael Treschow and Secretary Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist.

zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan Ibrahimovic

The award is not out until August, but since it is highly unlikely that Zlatan Ibrahimovic can attend the Grand Hotel in Stockholm in August the ceremony was held on Sunday evening. According to sources Zlatan Ibrahimovic was proud and happy to receive this award, which was not supposed to be published until Wednesday.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic moved abroad in summer 2001. Malmo FF had sold him in March to Ajax for a record sum 82,500,000 SEK. In his autobiography ‘I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic’ from 2011, Zlatan talks about the difficult time overseas and away from Sweden.

He was young, he was full of zeal but most of all he felt immediately alone in a small terraced house in Diemen near Amsterdam. He had no friends. He had spent his money. First, a few weeks later, the first salary was paid. The fridge was getting empty. Then he telephoned Maxwell, who was also new to the club. Zlatan could stay with him and sleeping on a mattress. There he gained a friend for life.

Twelve years later, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is by far the most talked about Swedish athlete, both in Sweden and internationally. Zlatan is worth several hundred million dollars and owns property in Sweden, Milan, Miami and New York among others,.

Zlatan has lived in Amsterdam, Turin, Milan, Barcelona and lives since last summer in Paris with his partner Helena Seger and their sons Maximilian (born 2006) and Vincent (born 2008). Zlatan has repeatedly said that he appreciated life in Italy and now persistent rumors puts him in various Italian clubs this summer. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not given any clear hints about the future, not more than that, he pointed out that he is under contract with Paris SG.

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Austria player interviews

For Austria, it was only victory that mattered. In case of loss or draw against Sweden the chance to fight for second place would have been very small.
The Austrian players believe that 2-1 victory was largely a tactical triumph.
– We were bad in the beginning, but after 90 minutes it was well deserved it was us who won, say 2-0, striker Marc Janko.
– Sweden was not as good as against Germany at the end and we were not really threatened.

How was your tactic?
– We had talked about Sweden’s weaknesses. We knew that Sweden leaves large areas on the edges and then we wanted to get a lot of one-on-one situations out there and then get the ball. We saw good at my goal, says Janko.

zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan Ibrahimovic

Austria also managed well to keep Zlatan Ibrahimovic outside the game.
– It is not good to be so dependent on one player. When we managed to take him out of the game so it was much easier, says Janko.

Martin Harnik:
– Zlatan Ibrahimovic can not play alone, for himself. We played well around him and we had a good game.

Defender and captain Christian Fuchs about the Zlatan Ibrahimovic tactic:
– We did exactly what we agreed to in regards to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. When he got the ball we had two or three players around him. We did a very good job because he was moving over large areas.

None of the Austrian players, however, wanted to take out second place in advance.
– It’s still tough, but it was an important and significant step in the right direction for us. Now we have two good games with us, against Ireland and now against Sweden, says Fuchs.
– It gives us confidence for our next game, away against Germany. I think we have a good chance to surprise there.

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Comments about Faroe Island game

The loss against Austria means that Sweden can basically forget the first place and a direct advancement to the World Cup. The first place spot is now almost dedicated for Germany. But it will be a thriller between three teams of that other place – Sweden, Ireland and Austria. Swedish victory on Tuesday against the Faroe Islands and all of the trio have eleven points. Then, goal difference becomes crucial.

And against the weak Faroe Islands it is important for Sweden to score many goals.
– It is especially important to do a lot of goals there, says Jonas Olsson.
– It we win big, like really big, says Andreas Granqvist.
– We get to play with five forwards says Johan Elmander with a laugh.

But in the squad are now only two forwards left for the game against the Faroe Islands because Elmander is off.

Will you bring in a new forward, Erik Hamrén?
– I have not thought about that right now. I have a few hours on me for the next game. You’ll have to wait and see.

Granqvist comments about that Elmander is banned from the next game:
– Does not really matter, we’ll win big anyway.

Andreas Isaksson is also banned for the next game.
You get a new goalkeeper, Andreas?
– He will not have as much to do against the Faroe Islands, said Granqvist.

Kristoffer Nordfeldt will replace Isaksson between the goal posts.
– It feels good. I’ve had a good season behind me and I’m ready for this, says the Holland pro.

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Sweden loose 2-1 to Austria

Sweden began strongly at Ernst Happel Stadium and were the better team the first 20 minutes. Then it happened what should not happen out of the blue and yellow perspective. Jonas Olsson hesitated against Marc Janko who became free with Andreas Isaksson, the referee called a penalty which David Alaba fired in goal for 1-0. Oscar Wendt dropped Marko Arnautovic on the right, whose posts reached Marc Janko who headed the 2-0 in front of Andreas Granqvist.

sad zlatan

sad zlatan

Coach Erik Hamrén was fierce at the press conference:
– We do not act as I want us to act. We talk a lot about us to determine the line and we did not do well enough in the first half. We did better in the second, when it became a completely different game. The second goal was too passive and that they could hit the ball, and it was too bad press but also work there. There are a number of matches where it has become too easy targets. It hurts just when one sees how the objectives will, ‘said Hamrén.

Jonas Olsson made ​​no attempt to try to throw the blame in the mixed zone:
– He (Janko) came a bit from the left, behind me at full speed. It was a wrong decision, I saw him late, thought I should make it. So it’s a bad decision, says Jonas Olsson and adds:
– The defence game has felt good in recent games, now there were two mistakes that you can not do at this level. Above all, my mistake, it is hard to say anything other than it personally.

It was not until well into the second half before Sweden came to life.
– We turned ourself down in the last quarter in the first half and allowed the goals to affect us, says Sebastian Larsson.

Team captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
– There were two mistakes and they are the ones we pay for. That is why we are losing by 2-1, says Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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