Zlatan interview after Valenciennes game

Paris Saint-Germain have to wait to celebrate league gold in the French league. 1-1 against Valenciennes now makes PSG seven points ahead of second placed Marseille, with three rounds left to play. But after yesterday’s game it was all about after the game referee Alexandre Castro’s performance.

He showed Thiago Silva the red card, after Silva touched the referee in relation to a free kick.
After the match PSG boss Leonardo was seen tackling the referee.
– What has happened is unacceptable and there is absolutely no logic in what he does. It’s a good match, but it will be a red card and seven yellow, says Leonardo.

zlatan career

zlatan career

Also Zlatan Ibrahimovic was critical to the judges:
– Not much to say. There is a person who has a yellow sweater that destroys the whole match. All were probably upset, it’s not acceptable, says Ibrahimovic.
– When players get a penalty, they may go to a commission. We should send the judge to this Commission so he can explain himself.
You also got a yellow for talking, what did you say to the judge?
– No, he put his finger to me to be quiet. Then I asked, “Why, why?” And then he gives me a yellow card.
What do you think of the title race?
– Three points and then it is settled. Now we take one game at a time and also take it one week at a time. What ever happend at Valenciennes happened. We can not do anything about it now.

Despite the 1-1 draw against Valenciennes Zlatan feel calm that PSG wins the league. The distance to chasing Marseille is six points with three rounds remaining. Next, waits Lyon away from home for Paris.
– I have the confidence and the whole team as well.

What is it that made you have been so good this season?
– It’s been up and down this year. We have had some setbacks, but we have done well. This is the first year we’ve played together, at least for me, and it has not been easy.
– There are many things that have happened, it’s not an easy league.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future at PSG is still uncertain, and even though he has two years left on his contract with the French club rumors about a move to Juventus or Napoli have appeared the last weeks. Juventus and the team’s coach Antonio Conte still want Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as reported in the Italian media. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is however not saying much, when it comes to interest from the Italian big club, who yesterday celebrated that they have secured the Scudetto.

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