Wayne Rooney wants to sign for PSG

Wayne Rooney’s future at Manchester United is uncertain and the Manchester star has been subject for rumors about most clubs in this summers transfer window. Wayne Rooney has long been rumored to be moving away from the club and has previously been linked together with PSG.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney


According to the French club’s former adviser Rooney is already done for the club. Now writes L’Equipe that PSG initiated direct contact with Rooney who has a contract with United until 2015. According to the magazine Wayne Rooney should be “very interested” in a move to PSG.

The newspaper also writes that PSG want to form a dream attack pair with Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan held a news conference on Wednesday, leaving an opening for him to leave France.
– We’ll see. All other times I have changed clubs when I said that I should stay. Anything can happen, although I have planned to stay. As the situation is now a lot can happen. Last year I was set to something else, to go to the USA with Milan and prepare for next season. Instead, I got a call in June, July and Paris came into the picture, he said.

It is rumored that how PSG will get Wayne Rooney to PSG is by offering him a huge salary for the Englishman to come to Paris. According to l’Equipe should Rooney be “very interested” in a move to PSG, and for him it would mean a hefty pay rise.

In the current situation, he earns around 10 million Euro a year, which PSG according to l’Equipe’ll should be ready to raise to 13 million Euro. L’Equipe also indicate that PSG will recruit some major names for this summer to consolidate its position as an attractive club for Europe’s top players.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo


Besides Rooney PSG will also lay their hands on Axel Witsel from Zenit St. Petersburg and Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona. But by purchasing Wayne Rooney for an offensive position the club will lay it’s plans for Edinson Cavani aside and wait to acquire Cristiano Ronaldo next summer.

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