PSG celebrations cancelled due to hooligans

There will be no visit to the town hall for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his teammates in Paris SG on Wednesday. The celebrations are canceled due to the unrest that erupted in central Paris after PSG secured league victory.

It was supposed that the PSG players would raise the victory trophy at the town hall balcony and receive the fans’ jubilation on Wednesday. But both the mayor and the Home Secretary is very upset by the riots so the celebration is cancelled.

“The day after the riots sabotaged celebrations of PSG’s league victory, damaged Paris and deeply wounded city residents, I would like to express my contempt and my anger at the violence that hundreds of hooligans are responsible for,” Mayor Bertrand Delanoe said in a statement.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has called representatives of PSG, the French league, the police, the mayor’s office and anti-hooligan authorities for a meeting today to discuss the events on Monday when hooligans clashed with riot police. More than 30 people were injured and 21 arrested.

It was when the team would receive celebrations at the Place de la Trocadero as it derailed and hardcore “fans”, known as ultras, threw smoke bombs and other objects to the podium and got into trouble with the police. The celebration was interrupted prematurely and even players’ planned boat ride along the Seine on Monday evening had to be canceled.

The events are a big blow to the club that tried to boost his image after years of hooliganism among the club’s supporters.
“The day would have been a day of celebration for Paris, but the party was destroyed by a few hundred troublemakers who have nothing to do with football,” it said in a statement from PSG on Monday evening.

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