Latest PSG transfer rumors

Here is a summary of the latest PSG transfer status and rumors that are related to PSG.

Wayne Rooney, Manchester United
Wayne Rooney has constantly during the season been paired with PSG who have set their sights on Rooney. PSG management want to show that they mean business and are prepared to pay around € 40m for Wayne Rooney to come to Paris.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Etienne Capoue, Toulouse
The promising defensive midfielder Capoue has repeatedly expressed in the media that PSG is the club his heart beats for, and just about a month ago Capoue did an interview with Eurosport where he said that most of the time leaning towards that he will join PSG in the summer if all goes as it should, but he was still a door open for other clubs.

Ganso, Sao Paulo
One of Brazil’s hottest talents along with Neymar entertained the audience in Santos, late last summer, everyone thought that Ganso would be out in Europe, but Ganso chose to switch to PSGs current players Lucas club, Sao Paolo. PSG have representatives on site in Brazil to negotiate with the Brazilian midfielder.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is he staying or will he leave this summer. There have been so many rumors lately that is starts to be hard to keep track of them. Clubs such as Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester City have been mentioned as possible destinations for Zlatan Ibrahimovic if he decides to leave PSG. Much of the decision if Zlatan Ibrahimovic will stay or leave depends on whether Ancelotti will remain as coach, otherwise Zlatan in all probability will leave.

zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan Ibrahimovic

Kevin Gameiro, Gameiro was last summer on his way to leave to both Liverpool and Valencia, but he stayed in PSG and rumor popped up again last winter, when he himself went out and said he wants to see how the situation develops in PSG before he decides. Kevin Gameiro who have not had too much playing time also had strong opinions about Ancelotti when he was injured and most indications are that Gameiro will change club this summer.

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