Zlatan to open Eurovision Song Contest

The stars to attend the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden this year are many. The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, 14, 16 and 18 May. But untill now the name of the by far  heaviest recruitment has been a secret. It now however seems like SVT (Swedish Television) managed to get Zlatan Ibrahimovic to participate in the broadcasts.

He’ll tell a hundred million viewers welcome to his hometown of Malmö and the Eurovision Song Contest. It is said this welcome will be pre-recorded.
– It’s about opening the final and is linked to that Bjorn and Benny do with Avicii, said a source within the production.

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Zlatan to open Eurovision Song Contest

Zlatan’s schedule will not allow him participate live at the finals, he is already commited with Paris Saint Germain on May 18, the day the finals will be held. Even the week before contains matches, on the 11th Zlatan Ibrahimovic and PSG face Lyon in the French league. SVT has previously said that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is high on their wish list for the upcoming giant event.
– Zlatan’s the biggest Malmö has said Christer Björkman, show producer then.

Christer Björkman know Zlatan’s wife Helena Seger from before and should have talked to her on the sports gala earlier this year.
– It is thanks to her that it has now become a reality.

So, looks like Zlatan to open Eurovision Song Contest, will you watch it for the music or for Zlatan?

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