Zlatan not to win Champions League and no move to Juventus

Here are the nightmare odds for Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
1) He will never win the Champions League.
2) He will not end up in Juventus.
This according to latest odds compilers.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his French club Paris Saint Germain shook Barcelona on Wednesday at Camp Nou. But when the referee blew the final whistle the match ended 1-1 and Barcelona went ahead at 3-3, thanks to away goals.


Now comes the bleak odds from betting company Unibet.
Odds compilers predict that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will not win the Champions League during his active career.
– We do not believe it, he’s not getting any younger and the teams he may move to do not get any better, says Jonas Nilsson, PR manager of the gaming company.

The odds also points out that the recent relocation rumors do not come true.
There will be no games in the former club Juventus in the fall, but his career continues in Paris, according to odds.
– PSG have something going on and should be able to be with and challenge in the Champions League next year. We do not think it goes all the way even then. Zlatan will not win the Champions League during his active career as a footballer, says Jonas Nilsson.

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