Zlatan interview in Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic rarely attends longer interviews nowadays. But for the Qatar-based magazine Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal, the Swede made an exception. Ibrahimovic talks about insomnia, mental boredom with warm-ups, his “best friend” – and that talent is the key to succeed as a footballer.
– I believe that talent is about 30 percent and the rest is hard work. Talent does not mean you will win. Talent is something you’re born with. You see the possibilities with someone who has the talent, but if you do not work hard, it is a waste of time, he says to the magazine.

He may be a superstar, but suffers from the same problems of everyday life as everyone else.
Ibrahimovic usually has trouble sleeping after a game.
– I never go to sleep after a game. It is impossible afterwards, I have too much adrenaline. If I go to sleep it’s around 5-6 o’clock in the morning. I’m trying to fall asleep at a decent time, but it’s simply impossible. Several times during the interview Ibrahimovic talk about the physical sacrifices elite level soccer requires of him. Over time, he learned to appreciate the role of doctors in the club clubs he has played in.
– The Doctor is my best friend. He is the one I trust the most because he does not see me as a footballer.
– There is a different relationship compared than to coach – when the coach sees me he thinks only on football and how he can use me. But when the doctor looks at me, he sees a man instead of a player.
But club doctors would have loved if Ibrahimovic took some of their tasks more seriously.
– To be honest, I think warm-ups are really boring. I do the same routine every time, but sometimes 100 percent, sometimes less and sometimes 80 percent to 50 percent because it is very boring, mentally.

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