Rumors about Zlatan and Juventus

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s comments that he is flattered by Juventus alleged interest in him has been well received by Juventus head coach Antonio Conte.
– If Ibrahimovic is honored to see his name linked with Juventus, then it’s a nice compliment from a fantastic player, he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

The rumors that have long buzzed about Ibrahimovic has now also begun to act on controversial Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. The recently suspended Uruguayan has been reported to be moving away from the UK.
– I think that view (Zlatans view) is shared by many. If you were to talk to Suarez and others, I think they would say the same thing because it is obvious that incredible job we have done here. Even a blind man can see it, says Conte.

Juventus have pulled away at the top of Serie A and have gained an eleven points big lead down to second place Napoli. Conte is extremely pleased with what the club has succeeded but expects  Juventus will continue to grow as a club.
– We have made an incredible journey so far. Maybe we win our second straight championship, but it is inevitable that we must grow. We expect improvements.


– The Bayern vs Barca match was a comfort to us but it does nothing to look backward. We’re Juventus and we must always look forward. By comparing ourselves with the Germans, we have received an acknowledgment of where we stand right now. Now we have to get better.

Recently rumors about Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been about Juventus, Napoli, Manchester City and Galatasaray. It is however still not confirmed if Zlatan Ibrahimovic actually will leave PSG or if he plans to stay for the full contract. For Zlatan himself he has not been able to reach for a comment on the recent times transfer rumors.

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